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Our Story

Mishu is inspired by “I miss you”, in 2020.
Let me explain the "Miss" in I miss you - In the beginning of the global pandemic Covid-19 when relationships were maintained in long distance. You might familar with "it's not goodbye but till we meet again", during this time, you might never have a chance to meet each other ever again. Being together in the same place- became luxurious, and Mishu was born in this circumstance.

And the "You" (in I miss you) is actually many people. Before, the "you" is often someone who may come and go, in and out of my life. Here for a while, then gone for a spell. Somehow I realise the ones that I miss, are usually the ones that return to me. Sometimes, separated by physical distance, sometimes by time, I still hope they find their way back.
When they do return back to me, often on a weathered path, it is hard to contain my joy when we are able to pick up right where we left off. It is true. Some relationships are meant for only a season. Some are meant for a lifetime.

"I miss you", it means that you mean a lot to me. Not only does it mean that you have positively impacted my life but it also means that I want you to stay. I know people come and go, and that’s life, but I’m going to be honest, I want you to stay in my life.


Local Artist: Glenda Coulthard

Local Artist: Glenda Coulthard

Founder/ Design Manager: Anastasia Thy

Glenda is a self- taught artist, who creates original artworks using; paintings on canvas, alcohol ink on paper, lotus leaf canvas. Her abstract paintings are contemporary, colourful, and creative to brighten your walls and enhance your decor.

Glenda once said “the act of painting for me is a strange mix of bliss mixed with incredible torture. With most of my paintings, I want to give up a thousand times. It really is punishment, mistake after mistake. I’m constantly saying to myself “what did I do that for?” … “Oh dear, that’s really bad” … But when I finish a good painting, I’m often a little bit emotional. I’m just so grateful that I have been able to “fluke” the painting. If I was asked to do another painting exactly the same, I’d fail miserably “.

Founder/ Design Manager: Anastasia Thy

Founder/ Design Manager: Anastasia Thy

Founder/ Design Manager: Anastasia Thy

Ana has always been fascinated by images and how a human can be represented through the eyes of others, she loves portraits. She’s always been fascinated by people, their dreams, desires, fears, regrets, and sadness.

Naturally, she was drawn to drawing. Her interest was cultivated during her teenage years and further developed when she began her Bachelors Degree in Design. After completing her degree, Ana delved even more into her drawing practice, which involved loss and regeneration of life.

The illustration Ana made for her grandmother before she passed away, made her feel connected with the other world where her grandma resides. The collaboration between memories and connection, Ana cherishes that moment. She feels that the artistic exchange between the individual in the photo and the version she creates in the artwork, opens up her life in many ways.

Founder/ Design Manager: Anastasia Thy
designer Jennifer Meyer
Jenifer MeyerDesigner
designer Miguel Thomas
Miguel ThomasDesigner
designer Sarah Cornel
Sarah CornelDesigner

Mishu's based in Melbourne, Australia. We’re now open for commissions!

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